Leafgro Compost

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Our Leafgro Compost is a Superior Quality Organic Soil Conditioner that works to improve soil quality. Leafgro should be added as a soil conditioner and enhancer when planting trees, shrubs and grass. Free Delivery.

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Leafgro Compost is a Superior Quality Organic Soil Conditioner used extensively by the landscape industry and homeowners as a source of humus for soil improvement. Leafgro is an outstanding example of recycling at its best. We use composting leaves that would have normally been disposed of in a landfill and converts organic wastes into a valuable resource.

Mulch & Stone carries Bulk Leafgro and will deliver it right to your driveway! Buy Leafgro in bulk for your mulch beds, lawn, gardens and you will not be disappointed. You will find that our high-quality Leafgro will meet or exceed all your organic soil conditioner needs!

Order Leafgro compost and we deliver straight to your home or project. Bulk Leafgro is locally supplied and delivered throughout Maryland so give us a call.

***Leafgro Available In Maryland Only***

How To Use Leafgro Compost

Planting Trees and Shrubs 
Use Leafgro Compost as a soil conditioner and enhancer when planting trees and shrubs. To do so dig the hole twice the size and only as deep as the root ball of the plant. Mix well equal parts Leafgro and existing soil. Place two inches of mix in the bottom of the hole and place the root ball in the hole. Fill the area around the root ball half way with the mix and tamp firmly. Water thoroughly. Fill the remaining mix to ground level tamping firmly. The top of the root ball should be slightly above ground level to allow for settlement. Water all plants after planting.

Lawn Establishment or Reseeding
Spread Leafgro compost evenly and mix or rototill to a depth of four to six inches. Rake the area smooth and seed or sod on top of prepared soil. Roll if possible and then water. When reseeding your lawn apply grass seed then spread Leafgro Compost evenly on top and then roll and water.

Bed Preparation
When preparing areas for flowers, perennials, ground covers and vegetable gardens. Mix to a depth of four to six inches. Use Leafgro Compost when creating new beds or rejuvenating old ones.


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