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Mulch and Stone sells and delivers high-quality bulk Compost. Free Bulk Delivery.


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Bulk Compost Delivery in Maryland and Virginia

High-Quality Bulk Compost Delivery To Your Home. We deliver Compost by the cubic yard. Compost offers a natural method to improve plant productivity. Boost your soil quality, while maintaining a stable pH and hydrating your soil. Whether you are hoping to grow veggies, beautiful blooms or grass, compost will improve the health of your plants and lawn. The added bonus is that you can achieve these results without the use of chemical fertilizers. Once you buy your compost and have it delivered. You can put it directly on your plants. Without the worry of burning them as chemicals do.

Uses of Compost

Moisture Retaining – A good layer of compost over the top of your soil can do a great deal. It will improve the water retention for your plants and lawn. Spread a layer in your beds around your plants and, as simple as that your plants will have better access to water, reducing the frequency with which you need to water.

Soil Additive – To improve the quality of your soil you can add a layer of compost to it. Dig down a couple of inches and place some compost under the soil. By placing the compost under the soil you will be placing it in the optimum position for the roots of your plant.

Lawn Dressing–If you are installing grass seed, then adding a layer of compost to the top of the lawn will help the lawn to establish itself. It allows the grass to spread out and will give you a lush and luxuriant lawn for many years to come.

Benefits of Using Our Compost

• Nutrient-Rich Soil: Our compost is teeming with essential nutrients, including organic matter, microorganisms, and minerals, that nourish your plants and improve soil structure.
• Improved Water Retention: Compost helps your soil retain moisture, reducing the need for frequent watering and drought stress.
• Enhanced Soil Aeration: It increases the soil’s ability to breathe, promoting healthier root systems and plant growth.
• Weed Suppression: A well-amended soil with compost can naturally suppress weed growth, reducing the need for herbicides.

Why Choose MulchandStone for Bulk Compost?

• Local Expertise: With years of experience serving Maryland and Virginia, we understand the unique soil and climate conditions of the region.
• Quality Assurance: Our compost is rigorously screened and tested to ensure consistency and performance.
• Eco-Friendly Practices: We prioritize sustainable sourcing and environmentally friendly production methods.
• Customer Satisfaction: We take pride in providing top-notch customer service and support.

Local Compost Delivery in Maryland and Virginia

We offer convenient bulk compost delivery services throughout Maryland and Virginia, bringing our premium compost directly to your doorstep. Our efficient delivery ensures that you receive fresh, quality compost when you need it.

Which Compost should you pick?

  • Standard Compost – Our standard compost is chock full of nutrients and is an all purpose compost. Can be used on plants, vegetables and lawns as a natural fertilizer.
  • Orgro, premium compost–Our premium compost for Lawns and Flower Gardens contain natural fertilizer due to its higher organic content. It will improve the ability of your soil to retain both water and nutrients. Whatever your project you will get better results if you use better compost. It is particularly advisable to use our premium compost if the soil you are working with has been neglected for a while. Or if you are looking to really boost the yield of your flower garden or lawn.  NOT FOR USE ON CONSUMABLE PLANTS OR VEGETABLES.

You can use our compost calculator to ensure that you get the right amount of compost delivered. Why not buy our compost in bulk and save yourself time and money, as compost is something you will always need for your garden.

Mulch and Stone has compost for sale. Compost is the best natural fertilizer that you can buy. The decomposed matter (i.e. leaves, branches and grass) resemble nutrient-rich, black soil and can be used in everything from smaller flower beds to larger landscaping projects. Use our local compost to top dress your lawn or add some to your garden to enhance the soil.

Mulch and Stone sells only the highest quality compost!


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