*Mulch and Stone delivers bulk landscaping materials to the do it yourself homeowners, businesses and landscapers located in Arlington county, Fairfax county, Loudoun county Prince William county, Montgomery county and Prince Georges county . Mulch and Stone delivers double shredded mulch, colored dyed mulch in black, brown and red, topsoil, topsoil compost mixes, organic compost, decorative rocks, stone, river rock, bluestone gravel, mason sand, concrete sand, white play sand and firewood.

*These products are delivered to your driveway. Please specify any special delivery instructions with your online order under “special delivery instructions” or leave written instructions taped to your front door, regarding where the product should be dropped in your driveway. Feel free to place a tarp down on the driveway, please keep in mind of power lines and trees above the driveway. All products are delivered in dump trucks and need room for the truck bed to go up in the air. The product will spread about 12 feet wide. The length of the pile will depend on the amount of product ordered. Please have all vehicles out of the driveway prior to delivery. We will not leave the driveway unless you have contacted us in advance for approval. We will not be responsible for damage that our trucks do to your yard. Even with approval, if the driver deems the ground too wet, not safe for our trucks or will cause undue property damage you agree to have the product delivered to the driveway.

*We do not provide installation or stacking services.

*Mulch and Stone delivers products rain or shine. Our products are stored outside, and will be used outside at your home or business. If you wish to postpone or defer your delivery we must be advised of this no later than the close of business the day before. Failure to do so will result in a $100 cancellation or refusal fee.

Thank you for doing business with Mulch and Stone.

***We do not guarantee a time for delivery***

*Delivery Liability ends at the curb line. A proper, safe and optional unloading site is the customer’s sole responsibility. If we go off the driveway, you must agree to and complete a damage waiver.
Mulch and Stone – Damage Waiver

*If you wish to postpone or defer your delivery we must be advised of this no later than the close of business the day prior to your scheduled delivery date. Failure to do so will result in a $100 cancellation fee.

*Purchaser’s refusal or inability to accept material, when delivered according to a prearranged schedule, shall entitle Seller to reimbursement of delivery cost up to $250 and no less than $125.

*NO returns or refunds on material(s) once product/orders have been delivered, unloaded, dumped or in any way completed.

*Inquiries as to quality or quantity of material must be noted prior to the Seller’s truck leaving the job site.

**Please Note: In the event damages occur due to an inadequate unloading site, the customer will bear all expenses including but not limited to vehicle damages, waiting time, towing fees, curbs, driveways, sidewalks, lawns building overhangs, adjoining properties, above & underground utilities, and any other miscellaneous objects.***

Driver Waiver Damage

We will only deliver to the customer’s driveway without a signed consent waiver from the customer or representative of the customer. The customer assumes all responsibility for their property once we leave customer’s driveway. Please make sure all cars and other objects are out of the driveway or dump area. We would appreciate you noting things such as low branches, wires, dogs, sprinkler heads etc.

Should you request that we drive off the driveway, we will do so ONLY under the conditions below.

  1. The ground must be dry and hard. If you can bang the heel of your foot in the ground it will be too soft to drive on.
  2. The dump location must be level and clear with clearance to dump above the truck.
  3. The truck requires a 10 foot wide clearance to go thru fences or between trees.
  4. We will not be responsible for any damage to customer’s property (lawn, turf, trees, shrubs, septic systems, pavement, stone, driveway etc. As well as any unforeseen damages to the property underground or any other damaged).
  5. The driver has final approval of dump site if he or she feels the dump location to be unsafe they can refuse to dump in location requested.
  6. If the driver is unable to deliver because the customer has no suitable or safe dump location, the customer will be charged a $100 return fee (to cover trucking cost, gas, labor and other expenses).
  7. If our truck gets stuck in customer yard, additional charges for towing will be at customer’s expense. (Min. $150 – $1000’s)
  8. An additional charge of $125 per hour (billed out in 15 minute increments) will be charged by Mulch and Stone L.L.C.
    until truck is pulled out.