Playground Wood Chips


Playground Wood Chip’s and Playground Mulches soft texture provide children with a more comfortable fall. Wood chip & playground mulch, also called tot lot mulch, are the most used and trusted playground materials in playsets and jungle jim’s. We recommend Play Mulch for playsets with children five and under. The mulch is a softer product than the wood chips. Apply playground woodchips or play mulch to a depth of 6-12 inches in all fall zones. If you own a daycare, school, or church, please check your county requirements for playgrounds.  If unsure, order the playground mulch. This is a superior product and required by a lot of counties.

Great for ground cover, to make pathways, gardens, flowerbeds, and mulch around trees.

Is your dog tracking mud in the house?

Use woodchips as a ground cover in your yard.

Works great for dog runs, livestock bedding & chicken coops.

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