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Mulch and Stone Landscape Supply offers the Highest Quality Mulches, Compost, Topsoil, Woodchips, Sand, Stone, Gravel & Firewood Products. We source all our products directly from local gravel quarries, tree companies & excavators, then deliver them straight to you. This allows us to give you Lowest Price and Fast Free Delivery. Order Now!!

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Bulk Mulches

Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch

Mulch and Stone Landscape Supply delivers the best quality Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch for sale. We provide several types of mulches for purchase,bound to be just suitable for your project. Buying from Mulch and Stone Landscape Supply means you get the best quality Mulch delivered for prices you will love! Here at Mulch & Stone Landscape Supply, we take our Mulch delivery seriously, and our high-quality Mulch will arrive on your site ready to use! You don’t even need to be there!

We supply bulk Mulch for all those projects where going small won’t do! So, call us now and choose red, black, brown, or our most popular double shredded hardwood Mulch for Sale, where you receive the ultimate product delivered when you need it

Leaf Mulch

We sell the finest Bulk Leaf Mulch and will deliver it right to your door! Buy Leaf Mulch from us for your mulch beds, and you won’t be disappointed. You will find that our high-quality Leaf Mulch will meet or exceed all your Leaf Compost needs! Layer two or three inches of leaf mulch onto your soil just as you would with regular hardwood mulch and allow it to decompose and work its magic! Leaf Mulch has the same great values as hardwood mulch, but it also has other benefits that most other mulches don’t have!

Leaf Mulch is good for weed suppression and offers a much more consistent soil temperature throughout the year (warmer in winter and cooler in summer), which helps your plants stay healthier and ensures a sound robust root system even in extreme temperatures. Provides less trouble with soil-borne diseases and bacteria! Did you know that putting Leaf Mulch around your plants creates a “barrier” between the soil (your plant’s roots) and the elements, which means less water is lost from the ground as evaporation means better, more vigorous plants, trees, and flowers!

Buy Leaf Compost from us, and we deliver straight to your project, freeing up your time for more important things. Our Bulk Leaf Mulch is locally supplied and delivered throughout Northern Virginia and Maryland. So give us a call and buy Leaf Mulch from Mulch and Stone, the specialist in all things leaf mulch.

Playground Mulch

Mulch and Stone Landscape Supply delivers the Highest Quality Playground Carpet Mulch, also called carpet mulch or kiddie mat. Playground Mulch cushions the ground underneath playground equipment enabling your child to play safely, free from scraped knees and severe injury. Using Playground Mulch also provides an environmentally friendly clean area for your children to play, assuring they won’t be tracking it in later!!

Our Playground Carpet Mulch is available for sale all year round. If you need Playground Flooring or Kiddie Mat, Our Playground Carpet Mulch is the ideal product for your Playground! Call us now and let us supply your Wood Playground Mulch needs!

Black Dyed Mulch

Our top-of-the-line Bulk Dyed Black Mulch for Sale is sold, supplied, and delivered throughout the Northern Virginia, Maryland and Charlotte Metro Areas. Here at Mulch & Stone Landscape Supply, quality is essential to us, and our Black Landscaping Mulch is Delivered right to your driveway with no fuss and hassle-free. We deliver Bulk Black Landscaping Mulch and are the one-stop shop for all your Black Mulch Buying needs. We also supply individuals and cater to residential areas, so Buy Black Mulch from Mulch & Stones, where Black Mulch is delivered in Bulk or on a small scale – and Black Mulch is for sale all year round!

Brown Dyed Mulch

Here at Mulch & Stone, we deliver Bulk Brown Dyed Mulch. Our Brown Dyed Mulch to temper the soil, prevent weeds and protect the roots of your plants. At the same time, being an aesthetically pleasing landscaping alternative. Buy Brown Mulch from us, and we can provide the best quality Brown Dyed Landscaping Mulch. We delivered straight to your home – fuss free! You can buy Bulk Brown Mulch from us or enough for a simple project – either way, our Brown Mulch is delivered to you in a timely and organized fashion… so call us now and let us cater to all your Brown Dyed Mulch needs!

Red Dyed Mulch

At Mulch & Stone Landscape Supply, you can buy Bulk-Dyed Red Mulch delivered straight to your driveway! We specialize in having your Red Mulch Delivered! We sell, supply, and deliver Bulk Red Mulch throughout the Northern Virginia, Maryland and Charlotte Metro Areas – but we also cater to all your individual Red Mulch uses! If you want to Buy Red Mulch, then our finest grade Red Dyed Mulch for Sale is what you need! Call us now, and let Mulch & Stone deliver Red Mulch to your door – for no more hassle than a phone call!

To Learn More About Our Mulch Products & The 3 Reasons You Should Use Mulch: https://mulchandstone.com/3-reasons-you-should-be-using-mulch/

Bulk Stone and Gravel

Bulk Bluestone Gravel

Mulch and Stone Landscape Supply delivers Bulk #57 Bluestone Driveway Gravel, #8 gravel, 21A & CR-6, construction stone, Stone Dust, and much more at the best prices and free delivery. Our Bluestone Gravel is ideal for top-dressing your driveway or erosion prevention. We can deliver the bluestone driveway gravel in bulk to ensure you have enough to complete your project! Bluestone gravel works perfectly as a Drainage Gravel. The space between the stones makes it an excellent natural water filter – perfect for driveways, under your deck, water-sewer systems, & shoreline projects where good drainage is necessary.

Stone Dust

Mulch and Stone delivers Bulk Stone Dust to your home with ease! Our premium Stone Dust is made from one hundred percent Crushed Stone Gravel and is the perfect product to use as a Paver Base. Our Stone Dust is ideal for laying patios, paving stones, walkways, stables, barns, or commercial or residential needs. If your project calls for Bulk Stone Dust, Mulch & Stone has what you’re looking for!! We specialize in providing Stone Dust for most Paver Bases. We Deliver Bulk Crushed Stone Dust powder throughout the Northern Virginia and Maryland areas.

Crush and Run Gravel #21A/CR-6

We deliver Bulk Crush and Run, also called 21A and CR-6. A high-quality mix of Bluestone fines and our ¾-inch Crushed Stone. It is a great product designed to be used for Paver Base, Patios and walkways, Horse Rings, and numerous other outdoor projects. At Mulch & Stone Landscape Supply, we deliver Bulk Crush and Run #21A directly to your project or home. This is the ultimate Gravel and is perfect for commercial and residential needs. Our Crusher Run contains Crushed Limestone and Crushed Granite in its Crushed Stone mixture, and we deliver straight to your project. Buy Crush and Run #21A from Mulch & Stone Landscape Supply.

Bluestone Driveway Gravel #57 Stone

Mulch & Stone Landscape Supply, sells, supplies, and delivers Bulk #57 Bluestone Gravel, a (3/4 inch) Crushed Stone Aggregate. Buy #57 Bluestone All Purpose Gravel from us. Use our fantastic product as Drainage Gravel, Driveway Gravel, Crushed Stone Gravel for pipe bedding, erosion or shoreline control, dams & even water/sewer systems – or simply as edging for your pathways or plant beds. Here at Mulch & Stone, we have #57 Bluestone Driveway Gravel for Sale and will provide Bulk Driveway Gravel and Bulk All Purpose Gravel Delivered straight to your door! Let us take care of your Crushed Aggregate and Crushed Bluestone Gravel needs with one short phone call. Order now!!

#8 Bluestone

We offer our #8 (3/8 inch) Bluestone Gravel as a smaller alternative to an ordinary Gravel Walkway. Our #8 Bluestone is a composition of Limestone Rock and Bluestone roughly 3/8 inch in size. Ideal as driveway gravel and drainage gravel. Our #8 Bluestone Gravel is the perfect product for creating a high-quality driveway or pathway that will last many years!

No matter what you decide, buying from Mulch and Stone is easy, and no project is too big! We provide Bulk #8 Bluestone Driveway Gravel delivered straight to your project, leaving you to get on with that all-important building work!

Pea Gravel

At Mulch & Stone, we sell and deliver Bulk Pea Gravel (or P Gravel) (3/8 inch) for all your Garden Gravel wants! We supply commercially or to the individual; our excellent quality Pea Gravel for Sale is delivered throughout the Northern Virginia, Maryland and Charlotte, NC, SC, Metro Areas – straight to your project! Pea gravel is appropriately named after its size – the size of a pea (3/8”)! At the same time this pea gravel is an excellent choice for driveways, playgrounds and paths because its small size makes it effective at filling up space. Pea gravel is a versatile and cost-effective choice for any number of landscaping projects. Mulch and Stone provides free pea gravel delivery to your home, office, or commercial site! If you are looking for the perfect material for your new Gravel Path, look no further – because Mulch & Stone’s Pea Gravel could be just the product you’ve been looking for!

River Washed Gravel-¾ Inch & 2 Inch

Mulch and Stone Landscape Supply sells and delivers two sizes of river-washed gravel – 3/4 inch and 2 inches for all your landscaping needs! This is just like the pea gravel, only larger! Our high-quality ¾” & 2” River Washed Gravel is an Enlarged Pea Gravel that comes in warm tan, cream, and brown colors. The rushing flow of the river leaves these rocks beautifully washed and smooth, making them ideal for use as mulch, for landscaping, or on driveways!

Here at Mulch & Stone, we sell and deliver our ¾” & 2” River Washed Gravel. You can buy River Gravel in Bulk or as little as 1 ton. We will provide your ¾” & 2” River Washed and Decorative Gravel straight to your project. We cater to the Northern Virginia, Maryland and Charlotte, NC, SC Metro Areas. Decorative Stones are double-purpose and can be used in construction and drainage projects.

River Rock (¾ inch, 1-3 inch, and 3-5 inch)

Mulch and Stone Landscape Supply delivers a wide range of Delaware River Rock that the Delaware River has washed to a beautiful finish. Buy our top-quality Landscape Stone is also called Delaware River Jack. A Decorative Landscaping Stone that can also be used for landscaping & construction purposes. River rocks come in a wide range of sizes and can be used anywhere!

We sell Bulk Landscape River Rock and River Stone in ¾ inch, 1-3 inch, and 3–5 inch sizes. Our premium quality Decorative River Rock Stones are excellent for ponds, flowerbeds, dry riverbeds, under decks, pathways, etc. Decorative River Rocks also looks beautiful in more decorative placements such as water features and mosaics. So, call us now and let Mulch & Stone provide your River Jack for the best possible prices! Mulch & Stone has these beautiful river rocks for sale and is available for delivery free of charge!

Gabion Bluestone Rock

Our Gabion Bluestone Rock is for Sale at the best prices and free delivery. We provide Gabion Stone for all purposes from Bridges, Roads, Erosion Control, and many other uses. Our Large Gabion Rocks for Sale are perfect as a Drainage rock, and we supply Gabion Bluestone Rock in Bulk. Suitable for all your Garden Stone needs, our Gabion Bluestone is a hardy Dry Bed Rock that will look wonderful in any landscaping project. Our Large Bluestone Rocks represent the highest quality at the most affordable prices. We supply Bulk Gabion Bluestone Stones delivered for your ease throughout the Northern Virginia, Maryland and Charlotte, NC, SC, Metro Areas.

¾ White Marble Chips

At Mulch & Stone Landscape Supply, we deliver bulk ¾ White Marble Chips at the best prices. We provide White Marble Chips in Bulk, Crushed Marble Stone that resembles White Gravel. Use this beautiful stone to cover all your Landscaping chip desires! Our ¾ White Marble Rock gives any garden project an eloquent finish and will make those blooms stand out!! Get your Landscaping Chips delivered straight to your project. Giving you the best prices throughout the Northern Virginia, Maryland and Charlotte, NC, SC, Metro Areas.

¾ inch Decorative Red Sedona Gravel

Mulch & Stone Landscape Supply delivers a beautiful ¾-inch Decorative Red Sedona Gravel (also called Red #57 Stone), a unique Red Stone that makes a brilliant aesthetic replacement for red mulch. Use this beautiful red stone to cover all your landscaping needs.

Call and order your Sedona Red Driveway Gravel to make that landscape project look spectacular! Mulch and Stone delivers right to your driveway, saving time so you can start that vital landscaping project. Buy ¾ inch Decorative Red Sedona Gravel from Mulch & Stone Landscape Supply, where rocks are our specialty!

To Learn More About Your Bluestone Gravel Products Click Here: https://mulchandstone.com/crushed-stone-your-complete-guide/

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Mulch is an excellent way to reduce maintenance and conserve moisture. Mulching controls unwanted weeds, helps to prevent soil erosion and enriches the soil with nutrients for better growth. Finally, all landscape products will give your home or business a fresh, decorative and appealing look all season long.

Please use our calculator to determine how much material you will need. Just input the length, width and depth in the calculator and it will give you the exact amount of product you will need. It’s THAT easy!

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