Firewood For Sale

Mulch and Stone offers regular & kiln dried Firewood For Sale. Fast Seasoned Firewood delivery to Northern Virginia, Maryland and Charlotte. Call us today to purchase a half cord or full cord of seasoned firewood. Get the lowest price. Free Delivery. Order Online Now!

Easy home delivery of kiln-dried firewood & seasoned firewood.

Kiln Dried Wood and Seasoned Firewood For Sale Year Around.

A cord of firewood is a precise measurement. In the wood industry, wood is typically sold by the cord which is 128 cubic feet of wood. This measurement comes from the stacking of the wood, ideally as tightly as possible. A full cord measures four feet high by four feet wide by eight feet long. Mulch and Stone Landscape Supply delivers full cords & half cords of Seasoned Firewood.

Firewood Is Delivered & Dumped In Your Driveway.

For stacking please see Firewood Stacking Services. 

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