Bulk River Rock 5-8 Inch

$152.50 - $305.00 / Ton

Order our 5-8 inch river rock now. We carry a wide range of river rock that have been washed by the Delaware River to a beautiful finish. 

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Bulk River Rocks for Sale in Maryland and Virginia – 5-8 Inch

Buy Bulk River Rocks 5-8 Inch. River Rock come in a variety of small and large sizes for all landscape and hardscape projects. This includes hospitals, hotels, resorts, condo buildings, and airports. Great for driveways, drainage ditches, patios, decks, and water-gardens.

The rocks smooth surface is ideal around walkways, driveways, ground covering and flower beds. Large Delaware river rock is also excellent for water features such as fish ponds and around swimming pools.


Please Note: River Rock is measured by the smallest side of the rock. So if the rock measures 5″ on one side, it could be 10″ on the other and it is considered a 5″ rock.