Crush and Run Gravel

$50.18 - $199.00 / Ton

We deliver Crush and Run (#21A/CR-6). It is a mix made up of Bluestone Powder Fines and ¾ inch Crushed Stone. Free Delivery.

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Mulch and Stone delivers Crush and Run Gravel. It is a mix made up of Bluestone Powder Fines and ¾-inch Crushed Stone. It is great for driveways, as a paver base, for walkways and numerous other outdoor projects. We deliver Bulk Crush and Run (#21A/CR-6) directly to your home or project.  Crush and Run Gravel (21A/CR-6) is perfect for commercial and residential needs. So Order Now! But don’t forget to use the Mulch and Stone Calculator. So you order the right amount of product.

Benefits of Crush and Run Gravel

Crush and Run gravel, also known as crusher run, is a versatile material that offers several benefits for your landscaping and construction needs in Maryland and Virginia. This cost-effective aggregate is often used for driveways, walkways, and as a base for various projects. The key advantages include excellent drainage, high durability, and a compacted surface that ensures stability and a smooth appearance.

Crush and Run Gravel Uses

Crush and Run Gravel serves multiple purposes in both residential and commercial settings. It’s ideal for creating sturdy driveways, pathways, and parking areas. Its ability to pack tightly makes it a great choice for preventing erosion and promoting proper drainage. Additionally, you can use it as a foundation for patios, sheds, and other construction projects. Its versatility and durability make it an essential material for any landscaping or construction endeavor in Maryland and Virginia.

Quality Standards for Crush and Run Gravel

At, we prioritize the highest quality standards for our Crush and Run Gravel. Our products are sourced from reputable suppliers who adhere to strict quality control measures. We ensure that the gravel is free from impurities, properly graded, and meets industry standards for density and compactability. Rest assured, our Crush and Run Gravel will provide you with the reliability and performance you need for your projects in Maryland and Virginia.

Pricing and Delivery Options in Maryland and Virginia

We offer competitive pricing and convenient delivery options for Crush and Run Gravel in Maryland and Virginia. Our pricing is designed to be budget-friendly while maintaining the quality you expect. You can easily place an order online, and we’ll deliver the gravel to your location promptly. Whether you need a small quantity for a DIY project or a large quantity for a commercial endeavor, we have flexible delivery options to meet your requirements.