Stone Dust

$46.45 - $199.00 / Ton

Mulch and Stone sells and delivers stone dust to your Home or Business. Free Delivery Order Now.

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Top-Quality Stone Dust for Sale in Maryland and Virginia:

Mulch and Stone Landscape Supply delivers bulk stone dust to your home with ease!  We specialize in stone dust for paver bases throughout the Northern Virginia, Maryland & Charlette NC, SC, Metro Area.

Uses of Stone Dust in Landscaping and Construction

Stone dust is a versatile material that can transform your outdoor space. Use it for:
• Paver Base: Our stone dust is perfect for creating a stable base for your paver installations, ensuring a long-lasting and level surface.
• Garden Pathways: Create beautiful and functional pathways in your garden with our stone dust, giving your landscape a polished look.
• Driveway Gravel: Maintain the durability and aesthetic appeal of your driveway by incorporating our stone dust as a cost-effective and stable option.
• Masonry Work: For construction and masonry projects, our stone dust is essential for jointing and leveling.

Benefits of Our Stone Dust

When you choose for your stone dust needs, you can expect the following:
• Exceptional Quality: Our stone dust is carefully selected and processed to meet the highest standards, ensuring consistency and reliability.
• Enhanced Durability: It provides excellent support and longevity to your projects, whether it’s a garden path or a construction site.
• Cost-Effective: We offer competitive prices without compromising on quality, making it an affordable choice for all your landscaping and construction requirements.
• Environmentally Friendly: Our stone dust is sourced responsibly, and we prioritize eco-friendly practices throughout our operations.

Our premium dust is made from one hundred percent crushed gravel. This is the perfect product to use as a paver base. Our crushed stone dust is ideal for laying patios, paving stones, walkways, stables, barns – or any of your commercial or residential needs.  If your project calls for stone dust, we have what you’re looking for!!  Order Now!


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