Bulk River Rock Stones 3/4 Inch

$152.50 - $285.00 / Ton

These beautiful 3/4 inch decorative river rocks come from the Delaware River.  Also referred to as 3/4 inch Delaware River Jack.

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This beautiful 3/4 inch decorative Bulk River Rock Stones come from the Delaware River.  Also referred to as Delaware River Jack. These river rocks come in a wide range of sizes and can be used just about anywhere! They are most often used for landscaping projects, such as dry riverbeds, ponds, flower beds and pathways. Bulk River Rock Stones also look beautiful in more decorative placements such as around swimming pools, water features and mosaics. Mulch & Stone has these beautiful river rocks for sale and is available for delivery free of charge!

At Mulch & Stone, you can make use of our gravel calculator. This will ensure that your gravel delivery contains the right amount of gravel for your project. Don’t be left guessing at how much gravel you need.  All you need is the length x width x how many inches deep and our calculator will tell you how much stone you need.

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