Decorative River Rock 1-3 Inch

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These beautiful 1 -3 inch river rocks have been washed by the Delaware River to a beautiful finish. Order Now. Free Delivery

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Bulk River Rock For Sale 1-3 Inch

Beautiful assorted river rocks washed by the Delaware River. River rocks come in a wide range of sizes and can be used just about anywhere! Most often used for landscaping projects, such as dry riverbeds, ponds, flower beds and pathways. Our Delaware River Rocks also look beautiful in more decorative placements such as water features, around pools and mosaics. Mulch & Stone has these beautiful river rocks for sale in bulk and available for delivery free of charge!

Ideal Landscaping Stones for Maryland and Virginia

Decorative River Rock is a popular choice for landscaping in both Maryland and Virginia. Its natural colors and rounded shapes complement the local environment beautifully. Whether you are creating a tranquil garden pathway, adding a decorative touch to your flower beds, or defining water features, these river rocks are the ideal choice for adding that finishing touch to your outdoor space.

Sizes and Colors of Decorative River Rock

Our river rock comes in a convenient 1-3 inch size range, offering versatility in your landscaping projects. These stones exhibit various natural colors, including shades of brown, gray, and earthy tones, ensuring they blend seamlessly with your landscape design.

Benefits of Using River Rock in Landscaping

Decorative River Rock offers numerous benefits for your landscaping needs:
• Low Maintenance: River rock requires minimal upkeep, saving you time and effort in your landscaping projects.
• Durability: These stones are long-lasting and resistant to the elements, ensuring they stay beautiful for years to come.
• Natural Aesthetic: River rocks add a natural and timeless beauty to your landscape.
• Weed Control: Using river rock as ground cover helps suppress weed growth.
• Water Conservation: River rocks aid in soil moisture retention, reducing the need for constant watering.

How to Calculate the Amount You Need

Determining the quantity of river rock you need for your project is essential. Our mulch calculator tool helps you estimate the required amount based on the area to be covered and the desired depth. This ensures you order the right quantity without excess waste.

Delaware River Stone does come from River Beds, and sometimes will come with a coating of grit (dried dirt) from the River, which once hit with a hose once or twice or even a rain storm the natural colors will pop out. So place your order now.

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How Much River Rock Do I Need?

Please use the calculator to calculate how much material you will need!!
Just input the length, width and depth in the calculator and it will give you the exact amount of product you will need! It’s THAT easy!

***River Rock is measured on the smallest side of the rock. The rock can be 3 inches on one side and 5 inches on the other and this would be considered a 3″ rock.***

Actually how big is a Decorative River Rock – 1-3 inch?

Watch the video below.