Maryland Decorative River Rock Stones 4-8 Inch

$170.00 - $285.00 / Ton

Order our Maryland 4-8 inch river rock now. We carry a wide range of River Rock in many sizes and colors. Get Free Delivery. Order Now.


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Order our Maryland 4-8 inch river rock stones now. We carry a wide range of River Rock that has been washed to a beautiful finish. Our top-quality landscape stone, also called river jack, is available as a Decorative Landscaping Stone. Depending on the size, it can also be used for construction purposes. These river rocks come in a wide range of sizes and can be used just about anywhere!

We provide Bulk Landscape River Rock in 1-4 inches and  4-8 inches, so be sure to pick the size you’d like for your perfect decorative landscaping project. Our premium quality Decorative River Rock Stones are excellent for ponds, flowerbeds, dry river beds, under decks, pathways, and more. The River Rocks also look beautiful in more decorative placements such as water features and mosaics. So call us now and let Mulch & Stone provide your River Jack for the best possible prices! Mulch & Stone has these beautiful river rocks for sale and is available for delivery free of charge!

Benefits of Using 4-8 Inch River Rock Stones

• Aesthetic Charm: Our river rock stones add a touch of elegance to any landscaping project.
• Low Maintenance: They require minimal upkeep, saving you time and effort.
• Weed Control: Help prevent weed growth and erosion by using river rocks as a ground cover.
• Versatility: Ideal for various applications, from pathways to water features.
• Durability: These stones can withstand the elements, ensuring longevity.

Ideal Uses for River Rock Stones

• Garden Landscaping: Create eye-catching garden beds, borders, and accents.
• Pathways and Walkways: Design picturesque walkways with a natural appeal.
• Water Features: Accentuate ponds and water gardens with river rock.
• Drainage Solutions: Use river rocks for efficient drainage and erosion control.

Why Choose Our River Rock Stones

Our river rock stones stand out because of their quality, durability, and natural beauty. We carefully select each stone to ensure they meet the highest standards. We source them from reputable locations to guarantee authenticity and purity.
Delivery and Availability in Maryland and Virginia
We proudly serve the Maryland and Virginia areas. Enjoy the convenience of prompt delivery to your location. Our river rock stones are readily available to transform your landscape into a work of art.

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