Leaf Mulch

$33.00 - $45.00 / Cubic Yard


Leaf mulch works to improve soil quality and weed control as it decomposes. We suggest layering the mulch in 2 to 3 inch layers and as the leaves decompose, slowly work them into the soil before layering additional mulch on top.


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Buy Bulk Leaf Mulch Compost from Mulch and Stone. You will find that our high-quality Leaf Mulch will exceed all your leaf mulch compost needs!

To install, layer two or three inches onto your soil you would with regular hardwood mulch and allow it to decompose and work its magic!  Leaf Mulch has the same outstanding values as hardwood mulch. But it also has other benefits that most other mulches don’t have.

Our Bulk Leaf Mulch is good for weed suppression and offers a much more consistent soil temperature throughout the year (warmer in winter and cooler in summer). This helps your plants stay healthier and ensures a robust root system even in extreme temperatures.  Leaf Mulch also provides less trouble with soil-borne diseases and bacteria!  Besides that, did you know that putting Leaf Mulch around your plants creates a “barrier” between the soil (your plant’s roots) and the elements. This means less water is lost from the soil as evaporation. This also means better, more vigorous plants, trees, or flowers!

We deliver straight to your home when you buy leaf mulch compost from us—freeing up your time for more important things. Our bulk leaf mulch compost is locally supplied.  So give us a call and buy Leaf Mulch from Mulch and Stone, the specialist in all things leaf mulch. Buy Leaf Mulch Compost Now!!

***Sorry, This Product Is Only Available In Virginia***

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