Playground Woodchips

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Use our Playground Woodchips on pathways, trails, areas where dogs run and many other great uses. Free Delivery To Maryland and Northern Virginia.

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We suggest using our Bulk Playground Woodchips in areas such as playgrounds where gravel or grass would not be an effective choice. Our Woodchips are also perfect for muddy areas where grass won’t grow. You can also use our Woodchips on pathways, trails, areas where dogs run, and many other great uses. As with Playground Mulch, we recommend 6 to 12 inches of Woodchips.

Safety and Durability of Woodchips

Our woodchips stand as the epitome of safety and durability. Crafted to create a cushioned and secure playground surface, they guarantee your children’s safety while providing long-lasting performance. Say goodbye to maintenance headaches with our reliable woodchips.

Ideal for Play Areas in Maryland and Virginia

Tailored to withstand the weather conditions of Maryland and Virginia, our woodchips remain resilient in the face of various climate challenges. Keep your playground safe and attractive throughout the seasons.

Certified Playground Surface Woodchips

We take safety seriously at Our woodchips meet stringent safety standards and are certified for use in playgrounds, ensuring the utmost protection for your children during playtime.

Bulk Woodchip Orders

We recognize that playgrounds come in all sizes. Our bulk ordering options allow you to acquire the right quantity of woodchips, whether for a small backyard playset or a sprawling public park.

Benefits of Playground Woodchips

Discover the advantages of using our Playground Woodchips. These benefits include excellent impact absorption, reduced risk of injuries, low maintenance requirements, and year-round durability. Make your playground a safer and more enjoyable space for children.

Versatile Uses of Woodchips

While perfect for playgrounds, our woodchips have versatile applications. They are also ideal for landscaping, gardening, and creating natural paths. Explore the multiple ways you can make the most of our premium woodchips.

Transform your Maryland and Virginia playgrounds into havens of safety and fun with our Playground Woodchips. Explore our selection and order today for top-quality woodchips that meet your specific needs.

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