Purchase Topsoil, Organic Orgro or Topsoil/Compost organic mix from Mulch & Stone offering only quality topsoil products.

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  1. Topsoil


    At Mulch and Stone, we offer screened Organic Topsoil, that screened to eliminate all large material such as rocks, roots and sticks, to foster a healthier soil. We suggest using Topsoil for wall or retaining wall backfill, land grading, or basically anywhere that dirt is needed. However we do not suggest topsoil for seeding needs. Save money by buying in bulk – use the Mulch and Stone calculator to help calculate your order. Learn More
  2. Topsoil Compost Mix


    Our Organic Topsoil Compost mix combines high quality bulk screened Topsoil with Organic Compost and is to be used for all of your gardening needs. Finish grading and gardening, utilize for landscaping projects, use as soil for reseeding, or enrich your regular Topsoil with Organic Topsoil Compost mixes. Make things easy on yourself and opt to have your Organic Topsoil mix delivered to your driveway! Call us today for your free delivery. Learn More
  3. Organic Orgro


    ORGRO Compost is a premium quality, organic soil conditioner and natural fertilizer. ORGRO Compost helps conditions the soil with increased organic matter, enabling increased water and nutrient retention for vigorous plant growth and is suitable for a variety of beneficial uses.

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Driveway Gravel

Bluestone gravel (#57 stone) is great for gravel driveways. Other uses include decorative landscaping, drainage systems, under decks, pipe bedding, roofing material, ready mix concrete, and mortar.


Mulch and Stone carries high-quality Mulches including Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch, Playground Mulch, Leaf Mulch, and Colored Dyed Mulches in black, red and brown. Save time and money buy in bulk.


Topsoil, Mulch, and Compost are key ingredients to turning depleted, lifeless soil found around so many homes into healthy, microbial-rich soil. Our Topsoil/Compost organic mix is a great choice to fill in flowerboxes, gardens and leveling lawns before Seeding and Mulching.


Use our quality sand for playgrounds, sand boxes, volleyball courts, beaches, patio and paver base, to mix with concrete & mortar for laying blocks, bricks and stone.


Quality, firewood delivered and dumped in your driveway. Guaranteed full and half cords.

Decorative River Rock

River rock is a decorative round and oblong landscape stone. Landscaping purposes include ponds, flowerbeds, dry river beds, under decks, pathways and many other uses. We have river rocks for sale in large and small sizes.