Red Mulch

$39.99 - $55.99 / Cubic Yard


For ideal results, it is recommended that your color enhanced mulch be installed on a bright, sunny day with NO RAIN in the forecast. Colored Mulch must be installed and kept MOISTURE FREE for at least 24 hours for the dye to set. Make sure to shut off any automatic watering systems as well. Mulch and Stone is NOT responsible for mulch that washes out and then fades due to exposure to moisture before the dye has had time to set.

Quantity below is in Cubic Yardage.

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At Mulch & Stone, you can buy red mulch and have it delivered straight to your driveway! We sell, supply and deliver bulk red mulch throughout the Northern Virginia, Maryland & Charlotte NC, SC, Metro Area. If you are looking to buy mulch, then order the finest grade dyed red mulch. Call us now and let Mulch & Stone deliver to your door – for no more hassle than a phone call. Mulch and Stone has mulch on sale all year long.

Please use the calculator below to calculate how much material you will need! Just input the length, width and depth in the calculator and it will give you the exact amount of product you will need. It’s THAT easy!

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