Firewood For Sale

Mulch and Stone offers regular & kiln dried Firewood For Sale. Fast Seasoned Firewood delivery to Northern Virginia, Maryland and Charlotte. Call us today to purchase a half cord or full cord of seasoned firewood. Get the lowest price. Free Delivery. Order Online Now! Easy home delivery of kiln-dried firewood & seasoned firewood. Kiln Dried Wood and Seasoned Firewood For Sale Year Around. A cord of firewood is a precise measurement. In the wood industry, wood is typically sold by the cord which is 128 cubic feet of wood. This measurement comes from the stacking of the wood, ideally as tightly as possible. A full cord measures four feet high by four feet wide by eight feet long. Mulch and Stone Landscape Supply delivers full cords & half cords of Seasoned Firewood. Firewood Is Delivered & Dumped In Your Driveway. For stacking please see Firewood Stacking Services.  Fast Free Delivery

Bulk Sand Delivery

Mulch & Stone Delivers Mason Sand, C-33 Concrete Sand, Bunker Sand For Golf Courses and White Sandbox Sand. Purchase bulk sand with free delivery.

Playground Wood Chips

playground-woodchips Playground Wood Chip's and Playground Mulches soft texture provide children with a more comfortable fall. Wood chip & playground mulch, also called tot lot mulch, are the most used and trusted playground materials in playsets and jungle jim's. We recommend Play Mulch for playsets with children five and under. The mulch is a softer product than the wood chips. Apply playground woodchips or play mulch to a depth of 6-12 inches in all fall zones. If you own a daycare, school, or church, please check your county requirements for playgrounds.  If unsure, order the playground mulch. This is a superior product and required by a lot of counties. Great for ground cover, to make pathways, gardens, flowerbeds, and mulch around trees.

Is your dog tracking mud in the house?
Use woodchips as a ground cover in your yard. Works great for dog runs, livestock bedding & chicken coops. Order our bulk playground mulch or woodchips now!! Fast Free Delivery.


Mulch & Stone Landscape Supply delivers quality products like bulk topsoil, bulk topsoil compost mix, and bulk fill dirt for sale. We are able to provide topsoil delivery to you no matter the size of your project. You will not find better-quality topsoil for sale in the area. We offer topsoil and topsoil mixes by the cubic yard, delivered free of charge. Try our Fast-Online Ordering Now!

Why topsoil is important?

“Topsoil” comprises the top two to eight inches of soil your plants are growing in. This means your plant's roots will be fully encased in this topsoil, making it an essential foundation for your lawn, vegetable, or flower garden.  Are you putting in a new lawn? Using our bulk topsoil compost mix will ensure your new lawn gets the proper nutrients it needs to establish roots quickly, and you’ll have a lush green lawn for years to come.  You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood with your beautiful lawn or garden! Our topsoil is high quality and screened up to ½ an inch.  While it’s great for your garden, lawn, or turf, check out our topsoil compost mix if you need an extra boost. Topsoil can easily be used for several other projects like retaining walls, filling swimming pools, and ditches, or re-grading your lawn.  Whatever you use it for, you can guarantee its high quality, and you can’t beat the free delivery!
Uses of topsoil
Topsoil provides a high-quality base layer for flowers and vegetables, lawns and plant beds, and even golf courses and athletics pitches for area schools and parks.  Our topsoil is also great for planting trees and provides the correct nutrients for your plants, allowing for good drainage and preventing waterlogging.
Topsoil Compost Mix
Mulch and Stone Landscape Supply offers a premium topsoil/compost mix for sale. Our topsoil compost mix combines screened topsoil and our high-quality organic compost. This topsoil compost mix is a high-quality gardening soil that will provide all the nutrients your plants require to make them grow strong and healthy. You can tell it is high quality by looking at its dark coloring and rich smell.  Mulch and Stone Landscape Supply has the best quality topsoil compost mix for sale in the area.  We offer topsoil by the cubic yard from as little as one yard to thousands of yards. Free Delivery.
Fill Dirt
Mulch and Stone has what you need bulk fill dirt delivered fast.  Buying fill dirt in bulk is an economical way of filling in everything from swimming pools to retaining walls. Wherever you have a large hole or area that requires a large amount of dirt, Fill dirt is ideal for your projects requiring a large amount of material, such as gradually changing the elevation of your lawn or yard, filling in a new plant bed or as the backfill to your retaining wall. Our fill dirt comprises a mixture of soil, small, medium, and large stones, and some small sticks and tree branches.  We offer fill dirt by the cubic yard with competitive pricing and good quality all provided with free delivery.
How much topsoil will you need?
Use our handy topsoil calculator to ensure that your topsoil delivery contains the right amount of topsoil for your project. Don't be left guessing how much topsoil you need, use our free topsoil calculator tool to get the correct amount from the start. Once you provide the width x length x depth that you need, our topsoil calculator will tell you how many cubic yards you require. Bulk topsoil We offer all types of bulk topsoil for sale. All our prices include fast, free delivery. So why not save time and energy and order your topsoil in bulk today. This will allow you to complete your landscaping project with a clean and consistent look. Mulch & Stone provides excellent topsoil prices and free topsoil delivery on all our bulk topsoil. topsoil-delivered

Stone & Gravel

driveway-gravel-#57-bluestone bulk-pea-gravel-delivered Mulch & Stone Bulk Landscape Supply is your Bluestone Construction and Driveway Gravel provider! Bluestone driveway gravel #57 is ideal for top-dressing your driveway or erosion prevention. We can deliver the bluestone driveway gravel in bulk to ensure you have enough to complete your project! Bluestone gravel works perfectly as drainage gravel. The space between the stones makes it an excellent natural water filter—perfect for driveways, under your deck, water-sewer systems, and shoreline projects where good drainage is necessary. We sell Bulk Bluestone Driveway Gravel in bulk, so if you want to buy bluestone gravel, look no further! We deliver bluestones directly to your job site or project, and free delivery. So please browse through our stone and gravel products, and as always, Mulch & Stone has free delivery on all our products, so order now!

Bulk Compost Delivery

bulk-compost-delivery topsoil-compost-mix Bulk Compost Delivery offers a natural method to improve the productivity of your plants and boost your soil quality while maintaining a stable pH and hydrating your soil. Our bulk compost can improve your plants health.  Whether you are hoping to grow tasty veggies or beautiful blooms. The bonus is that you can achieve these results without chemical fertilizers. Once you buy your compost and have it delivered, put it directly on your plants without worrying about burning them like chemicals.

Uses of Compost

Moisture Retaining – A good layer of bulk compost over the top of your soil can significantly improve the water retention for your plants. All you need to do is spread a layer in your beds around your plants, and, as simple as that; your plants will have better access to water, reducing the frequency with which you need to water. Compost Tea–If you steep your compost in water, you can make a nutrient-rich solution. That can drench into your soil or spray over the leaves. This compost tea is a way to boost the effects of compost as the nutrients from the compost become concentrated and more easily absorbed by your plants. If you’re not using compost tea, you may miss out on an opportunity to make your veggies even tastier. Soil Additive – If you wish to improve the quality of your soil, you can add a layer of  bulk compost. You should dig down a couple of inches and place some compost under the ground. By placing the compost under the soil, you will be putting it in the optimum position for your plant's roots to find the treasure of nutrients. Lawn Dressing–If you install a new lawn, adding a layer of compost will help it establish itself. It allows the grass to spread out and gives you a lush and luxuriant lawn for many years.
Which Compost should you pick?
Standard Bulk Compost – Our ordinary compost is chock full of nutrients and is an all-purpose compost. It can be used on plants and vegetables as a natural fertilizer. Premium Orgro or Bloom Bulk Compost–Our premium compost contains natural fertilizer due to its higher organic content. It will improve your soil's ability to retain water and nutrients. Whatever your project, you will get better results using better compost. Have you been working with neglected soil for a while, or if you are looking to boost the yield of your flower garden or lawn. We recommend using our premium compost. NOT FOR USE ON CONSUMABLE PLANTS OR VEGETABLES. You can use our handy compost calculator to ensure that you get the right amount of compost delivered. Why not buy our compost in bulk and save time and money, as compost is something you will always need for your garden.

Mulch Delivered Near Me

brown-mulch-delivered Order the Highest Quality Bulk Mulch delivered Near You, including Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch, Playground Mulch, Leaf Mulch, and  Dyed Red, Black, and Brown Mulch. Mulch and Stone Landscape Supply Delivers for Free to your driveway. No matter your project, we have a mulch to fit your needs.

Why Mulch?

Suppressing weedsMulch can be used to prevent the growth of weeds. Spreading mulch over your soil, you stop weeds from taking hold as they can't reach the earth. They also prevent sunlight from reaching any weeds already present in the ground. Retain moisture– Use mulch to create a barrier over the top of the soil. This will prevent moisture loss during hot summer months and cut down on the amount of water you will need. Retaining the moisture in the soil will help improve all your plants’ growth. Nourishing your soil–Buying mulch in bulk can replace biodegrades into the ground, keeping your soil well fed.

Why should I also mulch my plants in the fall?

Protecting plant roots from the winter chill – Using a good thick layer of mulch in autumn and winter can protect the roots of your more delicate plants. The mulch provides insulation to help your plant last through the harshest months.

Which Mulch is Best?

The best mulch depends on the job you wish to complete. Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch – Looking for bulk mulch delivered cheap, this is an ideal choice. For example, flower gardens, around trees, informal garden paths & wooded areas to help keep growth down. Mulch provides a natural look while not being high maintenance. Hardwood Mulch can make a striking visual impact on a landscaped bed or woodlands. Black Dyed Mulch, Brown Dyed Mulch, and Red Dyed Mulch–For those looking to make your garden stand out, our bulk-dyed red, brown, and black mulches are fantastic choices to consider. It has all the benefits of standard mulches but has been given a striking appearance through organic dyes. The dyed mulch will maintain its color for up to 1 year. You can select black, brown, or red dyed mulch to complement your planting scheme or make an eye-catching contrast. This is a must for landscaping projects. Leaf Mulch – Looking to improve the condition of your soil? Then this is the mulch you want to buy. You can lay a thick layer over your soil. This will inhibit the growth of weeds while quickly providing nutrients to your soil as the leaf matter biodegrades into your ground. This is the mulch to use if you hope to improve the earth for a vegetable plot over summer or winter. Playground Mulch – If you need a safety covering material for an area where children are likely to play. Then our playground mulch is what you need. It has a soft and bouncy texture that makes it ideal for laying beneath play equipment. (Recommended depth around play equipment is 6 -12 inches of playground mulch). This mulch is perfect for flower beds and vegetable gardens to keep a consistent look in your garden. Whichever mulches you decide to use, you can use our handy mulch calculator to ensure that you get the right amount of mulch delivered to your doorstep.


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