Decorative River Rock 3-5 Inch

$152.50 - $285.00 / Ton


These beautiful assorted 3- 5 inch decorative river rocks come from the Delaware River.  Free Delivery. Order Now.

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Where Can I Find River Jack Rocks For Sale Near Me In Bulk?

Mulch and Stone Landscape Supply carries many sizes of Decorative River Rock. Firstly these beautiful assorted 3- 5 inch decorative river rocks come from the Delaware River. Secondly, our river rocks can be used just about anywhere & come in a wide range of sizes. Thirdly you can use River Rocks in many landscaping projects like dry riverbeds, ponds, flowerbeds, and pathways. In addition, our River Rock looks beautiful in decorative placements such as water features and mosaics.

Most importantly Bulk River Rock can also be referred to as Delaware River Jack. Mulch & Stone has these beautiful bulk river jacks for sale and available for delivery free of charge! Order river rock in bulk on sale now.

How much river jack do I need to be delivered?  Please use the calculator to calculate how much material you will need!!

Just input the length, width, and depth(see note below) in the calculator and it will give you the exact amount of product you will need! It’s THAT easy!

Note: Where measuring 3-5 River River Rock – Use a depth of 4 inches on the calculator this should give one layer of stone. If you would like two layers use a depth of 8 inches.


Note: River Rocks are measured by the smallest side. For instance, if the rock measures 5″ on one side, it could measure 10″ on the other. This would be a 5″ rock. 


How many rivers rocks will fit in a 3 foot x 3 Foot x 3 Foot Box? 1.5 Tons or 1 cubic yard

Actually how big is Decorative River Rock – 3-5 inches5-inch?

Watch the video below.