Fill Dirt

$23.00 - $36.00 / Cubic Yard

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This product is only used to fill in large holes. Fill dirt is unscreened: Please note because fill dirt has large rocks, concrete and anything that might be in the ground it is not for planting.

Wherever you have a large hole or area that requires filling with dirt, Mulch and Stone has what you need bulk fill dirt.  Buying bulk fill dirt is an economic way of filling in everything from swimming pools to retaining walls. Fill dirt is ideal for any for your projects requiring a large amount of material. Such as gradually changing the elevation of your lawn or yard. It’s also great as the backfill to your retaining wall.

Our fill dirt is comprised of a mixture of soil, small, medium and large stones and some small sticks and tree branches.  We offer fill dirt by the cubic yard with competitive pricing and all provided with free delivery.

We do NOT suggest straight Fill Dirt for seeding needs. Please refer to our Topsoil or Topsoil/Compost MIX for all of your flower, gardening, and Sod (seeding) needs.

So place your order now but don’t forget to use the Mulch and Stone calculator to help calculate your order.