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Mulch and Stone will deliver your Half Cord of Kiln Dried Seasoned Firewood directly to your home…for free! Our Kiln Dried Firewood comes cut to a length of 15 to 16 inches.

Kiln Dried Firewood is wood that has gone through a carefully controlled drying process in which temperature and humidity are controlled in order to remove moisture from the wood. After it has been dried in a kiln it contains a moisture content, on average (10%–15%) and ensures guaranteed lighting and burning.

Clean Firewood – Energy Efficient Firewood – Our Kiln Dried firewood puts out upto 35% more heat output than seasoned wood

Less Creosote – Less chimney problems and maintenance

All Good Hardwood 80% OAK- white oak, red oak, walnut, maple and hickory.


**NO stacking services provided - delivered and dropped in your driveway**

Driveway Gravel

Bluestone gravel (#57 stone) is great for gravel driveways. Other uses include decorative landscaping, drainage systems, under decks, pipe bedding, roofing material, ready mix concrete, and mortar.


Mulch and Stone carries high-quality Mulches including Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch, Playground Mulch, Leaf Mulch, and Colored Dyed Mulches in black, red and brown. Save time and money buy in bulk.


Topsoil, Mulch, and Compost are key ingredients to turning depleted, lifeless soil found around so many homes into healthy, microbial-rich soil. Our Topsoil/Compost organic mix is a great choice to fill in flowerboxes, gardens and leveling lawns before Seeding and Mulching.


Use our quality sand for playgrounds, sand boxes, volleyball courts, beaches, patio and paver base, to mix with concrete & mortar for laying blocks, bricks and stone.


Quality, firewood delivered and dumped in your driveway. Guaranteed full and half cords.

Decorative River Rock

River rock is a decorative round and oblong landscape stone. Landscaping purposes include ponds, flowerbeds, dry river beds, under decks, pathways and many other uses. We have river rocks for sale in large and small sizes.